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If you are looking for building plans for an existing building, we've got you covered.

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If you can't find what you're looking for, fill out our address inquiry form and let us know what type of building documents you need. We will contact our netowork of architects, engineers, contractors, general contractors, developers, and land surveyors and see if we can locate construction data for you.

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If you are company looking to take advantage of the building plans you've already created to increase exposure, connect with those looking for building plans and gain more business, register for a free organization account to:

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If you are a municipality, fire department or other govenrment entity looking to improve the FOIA system while saving time and money, register for a free organization account to:

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Real Estate Agents and Companies and Insurance Agencies

Real estate and insurance agents looking for building plans and construction documents can use the ABR platform to request them. If your client is buying a property and you find building plans or plat of surveys, please request them from the land surveyor or contractor who uploaded them and connect with them to oder a new one for your client.

As real estate or insurance agents, you can either register for a free individual account or a free organization account.

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Increase Online Exposure - Step 1 Registration
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Increase Online Exposure - Step 1 Registration
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    Unless otherwise noted, building data requests are free of charge.
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Students and Faculty

ABR is always looking to help students acquire building plans and construction data needed for education purposes.

The ABR Academy program connects Universities to architects, engineers, and other building companies to support education programs in the building industry by providing building plans and construction data examples.

If your AEC firm or building company would like to participate in the ABR Academy program, please contact us below to learn more.