Port City Land Surveying Moves Boxes of Drawings and Blueprints on ABR's National Construction GIS


Port City Land Surveying of Wilmington, NC, has 35-years worth of blueprints & drawings stored in boxes and drawers in their office.


No holistic view of all the work they've done
Taking away office space for storage needs
Time and money wasted on searching for data


Engage ABR's scanning, tagging, and uploading services. Port City also needed ABR to map each drawing to its address before uploading.

Port City Land Surveying of Wilmington Move their Blueprints and Drawings into ABR's National GIS Platform

It's amazing to realize how much time we spend every day on locating building plans and construction drawings. Port City and their associates don't do that anymore. They decided to let ABR's GIS platform do the searching work for them and are now using that time to survey more land in the Wilmington, NC area.


Scanning and tagging services
Mapping plat of surveys to address
Uploading of digital files in the
Using to manage current projects

Getting Blueprints and Drawings from Boxes and into a Digital GIS Platform Can’t Get Any Easier


Port City Land Surveying of Wilmington, NC plays an important role helping clients with construction projects understand legal property boundaries and detailed land topography. From property lines to topography, Port City land surveyors provide clients with vital information as they begin their construction projects. They help establish accurate property lines to avoid legal disputes, land topography mapping, as well as site planning and construction planning advice and more. 


Port City Land Surveying of Wilmington, NC, has 35-years worth of blueprints and drawings stored in boxes and drawers in their office resulting in difficulties locating documents when needed.


  1. Locating documents is difficult and time consuming
  2. No holistic view of all the work done over 50 years
  3. Risk of paper data loss
  4. Taking away office space for storage needs
  5. Time and money wasted on searching for data


A cost-effective solution to transfer their blueprints into a digital platform that provides an easy way to search for data and can be maintained with as little resources as possible. A digital platform that can empower their surveyors on site with data already available. A system that gives their associates visibility into the work they've done over the years and current or future projects.


The ABR Platform offers Port City Land Surveying with all the features they need. Engaging ABR's scanning services was the first step in the process of transferring all their blueprints in the ABR GIS system. Also using ABR resources, the digital files of the blueprints were mapped to their respective addresses, tagged, and uploaded into the ABR platform. As a result, Port City now has a fully searchable database of their blueprints associated to their address and viewable on a map with filtering options.

Solution Implementation
Port City Land Surveying engaged ABR staff to scan and upload their blueprints into the ABR platform:

  1. ABR staff scanned Port City Land Surveying blueprints and saved them as PDF documents
  2. ABR staff mapped all documents to their respective addresses
  3. And lastly, ABR staff uploaded and tagged all documents in the ABR GIS system
  4. Training was provided for Port City Land Surveying members on how to use the ABR platform to view their data and how to upload new drawings, how to use ABR Projects for their current work, and how to invite their associates to use ABR to find any plat of surveys they may need from Port City


With their construction data now consolidated on ABR's GIS system, Port City Land Surveying can take advantage of the benefits the ABR platform has to offer:

  1. Have a holistic view of their historic data and building documents
  2. Empower their land surveyors on site with data already available
  3. Make existing data accessible by Port City's associates
  4. Make smarter, more informed, and faster decisions
  5. Locate their drawings and building documents easily on a map or with a quick search
  6. Prevent data loss and cut the cost of storing blueprints and paper drawings
  7. Take advantage of an easy-to-use file sharing and document management system
  8. Keep their team on the same page in a secure environment that’s easy to use and intuitive