Consolidate Construction Data. Know What You Have.

Consolidate your construction data in one geographical information system – the first national construction GIS system. Preserve all building plans and construction documents you produce every day.

Company Level

Get rid of your boxes of blueprints and consolidate construction data on a digital platform. Bring scattered electronic documents from computers, external hard-drives, or network drives in one place.

  • Consolidate construction data - past, present, and future
  • Easy and fast data retrieval
  • Holistic view of all your projects
  • With ABR's you get a complete company portfolio
  • Prevent data loss and cut the cost of storing paper drawings and printed construction documents

Corporate Level

At corporate level, after each branch of a corporation consolidates construction data, the ABR platform can create a bridge between them. This way each branch can view the others files.

  • Easy and fast data retrieval
  • Creates transparency between divisions or branches of a corporation
  • Eliminates the need to make calls, send emails to get the drawing of a building
  • Builds a Holistic view of all Projects done by all divisions or branches

Municipality Level

When a municipality brings all construction data in ABR's GIS, they can embed the ABR map on their website. Browsing this map, staff doesn't have to search archives and storage rooms for files when someone submits a FOIA request. Also, individuals looking for building planswill fill out FOIA requests only for the data that is available!

  • Improve the FOIA request system
  • Save time and money that is needed today to locate and retrieve building plans and other construction documents
  • Give inspectors access to documents on site with a search of an address
  • Facilitate emergency response by having preplans available to those who need them

National Level

ABR's platform helps the building and construction industry consolidate construction data at national level. And while consolidating data, we also establish an unparalleled level of transparency in the building industry. Now we know who did what and were! And so building and construction firms and individuals alike can find the building plans they need and hire the right companies for their projects.

  • Unparalleled level of transparency in our industry
  • We now know who did what and where
  • We save time and money that's wasted today on reproducing drawings of existing conditions
  • And together we build a connected network of those who have building plans and those who are looking for them

3 Steps to Consolidate Construction Data

Review our offer and register for free.
Consolidating your building data is worth your time. You might be surprised at what we can do together.

Tag addresses or upload your building plans.
If you need help with scanning paper blueprints or uploading files, contact us.

Sit back and enjoy. The ABR platform and optimization engine will do the rest of the work.

Consolidate Construction Data

Whether you are a small company, large corporation, or municipality, ABR can help you consolidate construction data. We've engineered the national GIS of building plans to create transparency at national level because such transparency didn't exist. We couldn't easily find building plans of existing buildings before. But with ABR we can. Because we know who did what and where.

What's in it for you:

  • We receive a tremendous amount of inquiries for building plans at specific addresses; we'll share this data with you and put you in contact with the requester
  • Address tagging by ABR staff from a spreadsheet with addresses of your completed work 
  • 1,000 file uploads by ABR staff 
  • 1,000 blueprint scanning 
  • Files indexed @ Google 
  • Company Marketing Page 
  • Project Portfolio Map 
  • Backlinks to your website 
  • Company name listed with files 

Our mission is to connect those how have building plans with those who need them. We are helping construction companies just like yours increase online exposure, get quality construction leads, build new relationships, and sell more services.

Get in touch and let's discover what we can do together. Or register today.

Architects, Engineers, Building Companies & Municipalities


  • FREE

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    unlimited file requests (made or received) 

    unlimited number of addresses tagged in the national GIS

  • if building plans are saved in online repository 

    $99/month for 500 building plan files

    $149/month for 1,000 building plan files

    $199/month for unlimited number of building plan files

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