Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

America's Building Records is an organization built specifically for the U.S. Building Industry. Architects, engineers, project managers working for construction companies and developers, professionals from U.S. municipalities, and all other constituents of the U.S. Building Industry are welcome to join ABR and take advantage of the online tools and information available through the ABR portal.
No. ABR Subsciption plans are free of charge so no credit card information is required to sign up for an ABR account.
To submit your account cancellation, head to your account management page and select the option to cancel your subscription or contact us if you need further assistance.
If you are subscribed with an individual account, the following will count towards your storage: files you upload in Projects, drawings uploaded in the ABR Drawing Vault, your profile picture.

If you have an organization account, the following are added up for the organization's storage: marketing materials uploaded in the organization's profile, drawings uploaded in the Drawing Vault (from all users from your organizations), files uploaded to projects across all folders from all users pertaining to your organization.
Storage limitation for ABR subscription plans is designed in such a way that it is rarely met. However, when you approach your plan’s storage limitation you will be notified by ABR.
ABR members with individual accounts can take advantage of all the tools that ABR has to offer: secure storage and organization options, sharing tools, the ABR database of construction-related information, and more.

Organization accounts have multiple individual accounts associated with them. In addition to all the benefits that individual accounts have, co-workers from an organization account can easily collaborate at company level with special sharing permissions. The organization is also featured on the ABR Company Directory acting as a marketing tool to your advantage.
You will have to register three organization accounts - one per location.
Yes, you can, but we recommend one account per user in order to make the most out of the ABR online tools. Your email address has to be unique, therefore you can only register once with an email account.
All ABR data is hosted on trusted Amazon servers.
ABR employs strict security practices to protect your data through end-to-end encryption on trusted Amazon servers. For more information, please refer to our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.

Data transfer is via industry-standard 256-bit encryption (SSL)
Each ABR organization member and individual member is verified and activated by ABR staff
All users must be logged into ABR service in order to utilize data-available features
Only members will be able to store and retrieve electronic data
Data sharing is user-determined
In addition, Amazon's data center and services have several layers of physical and operation security.
Yes, each ABR member can request a backup of their data. Please allow at least 10 days for the backup to be delivered to you.
If you have a smart phone, scanner and computer you have all the tools you need to banish paper clutter from your life. If you don't have enough resources to go paperless, our team can help you make this transition process easier.
We offer scanning, mapping, tagging, and uploading services. Click here to find out more.
Only people you grant access to can download your content. ABR members can only request access to your content. It is your choice to grant or deny access to your files.
Yes, however the recipient will have to register for an account to retrieve it. No worries, they can sign up for the free individual account.
Below are links to the ABR Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.
Terms and Conditions
Privacy Policy
You may contact us via email, by using the 'Contact Us' form below, or by calling 1-855-227-2711. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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