The National GIS Dedicated to Preserving Construction Documents

America’s Building Records (ABR) is the national building records GIS and digital archive system for building plans, construction drawings, building department information, code requirements, building department applications, hydrant flow test results, and more. Use the links below to view construction data available on ABR’s cloud storage platform.

The National GIS for Building Plans Stores and Preserves Construction Documents and Building Plans at National Level

ABR is dedicated to preserving building data at national level and improving workflows for building companies. The ABR platform features a national GIS for building plans, a secure collaboration platform for sharing files with your teams, and opportunities to market your business. And last but not least, it is FREE. Join today and explore available building records.

Join the National GIS for Building Records and Explore Available Building Plans, Building Department Information and More

Building Plans and Construction Documents

The ABR Drawing Vault is a national GIS system dedicated to preserving building plans and construction drawings – a national digital construction archive, a drawing repository where users upload construction drawings and plans.

Municipality Building Department Information

ABR’s Municipality Directory features information on municipality building departments such as: building code requirements, building permit requirements, applications and forms, licensing information, municipality contacts and more.

Fire Hydrant Flow Test Information

Find existing hydrant water flow tests and use the data for reference only in your designs. Add your own water flow test results to eliminate paper clutter and build your own database of hydrant water flow tests.