Quality Construction Leads. Gain More Business.

Connecting your company's name at Google to the buildings you worked on will not only create an online footprint of all your accomplishments, but also result in quality construction leads.

Build Relationships from Targeted Leads

The leads you get via ABR are targeted, quality construction leads. Because the ABR file request system is an opportunity to build new relationships, you can cross-sell or up-sell to a targeted audience.

Re-sell Existing Building Plans

When you increase online exposure with ABR, you also get construction leads. Therefore, you may have the opportunity to re-sell your existing building plans to new property owners and build new relationships.

New Advertising Opportunities

In addition to all other features, advertising is another benefit of ABR membership. We feature our company members in various ways on our public site and member portal for maximum exposure.

Branded Educational Content

Each company member is welcomed and encouraged to supply educational material for the ABR Public Resource Center and blog. Because each piece will include your company's details and contact information, they become a great marketing opportunity.

3 Steps to Get Quality Construction Leads

Review our offer and register for free.
Getting quality construction leads is worth your time. You might be surprised at what we can do together.

Tag addresses or upload your building plans.
If you need help with scanning paper blueprints or uploading files, contact us.

Sit back and enjoy. The ABR proprietary optimization engine will do the rest of the work.

Get Quality Construction Leads for Free

We learned how to get on the first page of Google so you don't have to. Good Google organic search results boost your ranking and increase the number of quality leads you receive from online sources. Ranking at Google is worth your time. You might be surprised at what we can do together.

What's in it for you:

  • We receive a tremendous amount of inquiries for building plans at specific addresses; we'll share this data with you and put you in contact with the requester
  • Address tagging by ABR staff from a spreadsheet with addresses of your completed work 
  • 1,000 file uploads by ABR staff 
  • 1,000 blueprint scanning 
  • Files indexed @ Google 
  • Company Marketing Page 
  • Project Portfolio Map 
  • Backlinks to your website 
  • Company name listed with files 

Our mission is to connect those how have building plans with those who need them. We are helping construction companies just like yours increase online exposure, get quality construction leads, build new relationships, and sell more services.

Get in touch and let's discover what we can do together. Or register today.

Architects, Engineers, Building Companies & Municipalities


  • FREE

    No credit card required

    unlimited file requests (made or received) 

    unlimited number of addresses tagged in the national GIS

  • if building plans are saved in online repository 

    $99/month for 500 building plan files

    $149/month for 1,000 building plan files

    $199/month for unlimited number of building plan files

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