List Building Plans on Google. Consolidate Construction Data.


List Your Building Plans on Google

What better way to market your business than having all your projects featured on Google? When you upload your building plans in ABR's National GIS, they are indexed at Google by address.

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Consolidate Your Data Securely

Consolidate all your construction data in one geographical information system – the first national construction GIS system. Preserve all building plans and construction documents you produce every day.

Check out the national construction GIS system

Find Construction Data Fast

Locating your own files and files others have shared has never been easier. A single master system with interactive maps and filtering options simplifies data management and ensures fast search results.

See our location-based search at work

Share Files Easily and Securely

No matter where you are, you can share files using our easy sharing system. Construction plans, photos, reports, and project data are all transferred within our secure platform at your command.

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Scanning and Upload Services

Do you have paper drawings or large format blueprints but no time to scan? Not a problem, ABR staff can help you scan, tag, and map your building plans on our secure platform.

Eliminate the hassle of scanning building plans

Our Story

After years of combined experience in the building and tech industries, ABR founders found an opportunity in filling a large gap in the construction data availability – drawings, plans, and who did what and where.

Find out how and why ABR exists

Some of Our Users

America's Building Records - The National GIS of Building Plans

The First National GIS System for Building Plans

Solving One of the Biggest Problems in the Building Industry
Loss of data and lack of transparency

Have you ever looked for building plans for an existing building and couldn’t locate any? We all keep the data we produce every day in our own digital systems or storage rooms. But none of us knows what everyone else produces.

The founders of ABR built a solution to solve this issue – a game changer for the building industry – the first national GIS for building plans – the ABR Drawing Vault.

How It Works
The ABR national GIS allows you to:

  • Securely store your construction data in a geo-targeted system
  • And not just you, but anyone in the Building Industry can store their data
  • And not just current and future data, but also historical documents and plans (through ABR scanning and mapping services)
  • And it allows all of us to request construction documents from each other

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The National GIS for Building Plans Stores and Preserves Construction Data at National Level.
Explore Available Building Plans, Building Department Information, and Fire Hydrant Flow Test Information.

Construction Drawings and Building Plans

Building Plans and Construction Documents

The ABR Drawing Vault is a national GIS system dedicated to preserving building plans and construction drawings – a national digital construction archive, a drawing repository where users upload construction drawings and plans.

Municipality Building Department Information

Municipality Building Department Information

ABR’s Municipality Directory features information on municipality building departments such as: building code requirements, building permit requirements, applications and forms, licensing information, municipality contacts and more.

Hydrant Flow Test Information

Fire Hydrant Flow Test Information

Find existing hydrant water flow tests and use the data for reference only in your designs. Add your own water flow test results to eliminate paper clutter and build your own database of hydrant water flow tests.

The Power of Location-Based Search and Data Mapping

A Single Consolidated View of All Company Projects Available to the Entire Team Anytime, Anywhere

Have you ever had to reference spreadsheets, invoices, search through folders on your computer, or look through files in drawers in order to find some building plans or documents? With ABR’s location-based data mapping and search, you will never have to do that again.

With the geographic advantage, you will make smarter, more informed, and faster decisions. ABR delivers views of your construction data that help project managers, engineers, leadership, marketing, sales teams, and more.

Take Advantage of All Your Data Has to Offer.

How Location-Based Search and Data Mapping Works
Geo-Locate Construction Documents

Locating your own files and files others have shared has never been easier. Our interactive maps do the work for you.

  • Zoom in on a specific location and click to see the files available.
  • Need to see a list of all projects you did in an area? With one quick search you’ll have a list on your screen within seconds.
  • Narrow your search with filters and sorting features
  • Working on a project and you don’t know who has plans for the building? One of the greatest aspects of the ABR Portal is that you can find out who uploaded a file at a location and request access to download it.

NEXT FEATURE: Sharing Construction Documents

Consolidate Your Building Data and Locate Documents Easily

Secure File Sharing System for Construction Companies

A Secure File Sharing Solution to Plan and Manage Construction Projects

As a bonus feature, America’s Building Records offers ABR Projects - a secure, simple solution to plan and manage projects for architectural, engineering, and construction companies. With ABR Projects, companies can intuitively share blueprints, reports, progress photos, and construction documents and specs, getting projects done on time and on budget.

Keeping your team on the same page in a secure environment is easy and intuitive with the ABR Projects user-friendly interface.

Keep Your Team on the Same Page. Share Files Easily and Securely.

How ABR’s File Sharing System Works
The ABR file sharing system for the construction industry lets you decide what you share and who you share with.

  • Share a folder with your entire project team and work like you’re all sitting at the same table.
  • Share a specific file with co-workers or people from other companies and don’t clog up your email.
  • Share a file in the ABR drawing vault and let all ABR members know that you have construction data for that location.
  • Construction plans, photos, reports, and project data are all transferred within our secure system at your command!

NEXT SERVICE: Scanning, Mapping, and Uploading Prints

Keep Your Team on the Same Page. Share Construction Documents, Building Plans, Photos Securely.

Scanning, Tagging, and Uploading Construction Documents

Eliminate the Hassle of Scanning Documents, Capturing Data, and Finding the Documents You Need When You Need Them

Do you have paper drawings but no time to scan? Not a problem, we can scan, map, tag, and upload them for you on our secure cloud platform.

ABR’s document scanning, tagging, and uploading services will transform your paper piles into searchable PDF documents. Instead of dealing with file cabinets or off-site storage, your documents will be hosted online in the national GIS for the construction industry. Save money by reclaiming office space and reducing paper use and storage costs.

And more importantly, you'll stop wasting time looking through boxes and storage rooms to find the documents you need. The ABR platform is the first national GIS system specifically built for the construction and building industry.

How ABR’s Scanning, Tagging, and Uploading Services Work

  • Box Your Building Plans and Construction Documents
    We scan paper of all sizes – from 8.5 x 11 to large format drawings
  • Box Pick-up at Your Location
    Your boxes will be picked up from your location by a courier, UPS, or FedEx
  • Document Preparation at ABR’s location
    We'll organize and remove binder clips, paper clips, post-its, staples, rubber bands,...
  • Document Scanning, Tagging, and Mapping
    We’ll scan your documents, convert them in PDFs, tag and map them to a location as necessary
  • Document Upload onto ABR’s Construction Digital Archive
    Your documents will be uploaded on the ABR platform for you and your access to your data established. Your documents can either be returned to you or shredded at your request.

Get all your paper drawings scanned. Prevent data loss.


All ABR subscription plans include powerful core features such as google listing for organization accounts, geo-targeted digital storage, securefile sharing system, location-based search and filtering options. We recommend the Organization plan as it includes additional features for file management and filtering options.
For questions, please refer to our FAQs or contact us.


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