Building Plans and Construction Documents

The National GIS of Building Plans and Construction Documents is the first construction GIS system dedicated to preserving building plans and construction drawings – a national digital construction archive, a drawing repository where users upload construction drawings and plans.

The ABR National GIS of Building Plans is an effective cloud storage solution for your drawings and a national digital archive all in one. It eliminates the struggle to find drawings for existing buildings and helps the entire building industry preserve all construction data in one system for generations to come.

The National GIS of Building Plans is designed with features specific for the building industry:

  • geographical visualization and storage (files are stored by address and shown on interactive maps)
  • drawing types such as architectural drawing, civil, MEP, fire protection drawing, joist detail drawing, and others
  • ability to search building plans by address and filter by type
  • option to view only your company’s drawings or all drawings available from all users
  • ability to request a drawing from another user

Below is a list of drawings and building plans available on ABR’s national digital archive for construction documents and data.
Click on the city and state links below to view the construction documents available in that area.

Can't find the address you're interested in? Fill out this address inquiry form and we will reach out to our network of AEC and building companies to help you find the documents you're looking for.