Increase Online Exposure. Add Your Work on Google.

Expand your online footprint by connecting your company’s name to the address of all buildings you’ve worked on at Google and all other search engines. Therefore increase online exposure for your construction company.

Increase Online Exposure Via Addresses You Worked On

Does The Building Industry Know What Buildings You Worked On? Specific Addresses?
ABR helps you connect your company’s name to every address you worked on at Google and other search engines.

Is Your Website Listed on the First Page of Google Search Results (Organically)?
Similarly to Trulia or Zillow, ABR pages are on the first page of Google search results by address. See examples below.

Do You Have Thousands of Links listed on Google and other Search Engines?
ABR will connect your company name to all address you’ve worked on. As a result, if your company completed jobs at 2,000 addresses to date, you will have 2,000 links at Google & other search engines after data upload.

Get Qualified Leads

Do Search Engines Currently Send You Qualified Leads without having to pay for ads?
When you get leads from search engines via ABR, it means that person is looking for building plans. They are .

Complement Marketing

Fact: It is impossible for your marketing team to write 1,000 articles a week and also rank well at Google with all. But it is 100% doable to upload 1,000 files on ABR's platform in a week and rank well for 1,000 addresses.

Improve Ranking

Furthermore, with possibly thousands of links to your website via a reputable source, your website’s search engine ranking will improve. And therefore traffic to your website will increase.

Reduce Cost of Paid Ads

If you currently use Google paid ads, you will probably discover that you can reduce your ads’ budget once your traffic spikes from having the ABR links listed on the first page of Google.

Why Should You Be on the First Page at Google?

(if you're even questioning this, here are 3 main reasons)

Because Google has 30 trillion web pages indexed and processes over 40,000 search queries every second on average, which translates to over 3.5 billion searches per day.
Because the first 10 organic search results (not ads) get the most clicks. Being listed here is the best way to increase online exposure.
And lastly, because we optimized our website to appear on the first page so you don't have to pay to optimize yours.

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Your Building Plans Are Safe With Us

In addition to having potentially thousands of links indexed by Google and increase online exposure, the advantage of having them listed by address is tremendous.

Whenever someone googles an address, your links will bubble up in the search results because of the way ABR pages are indexed.

Nobody will be able to download your data without your permission - they'll be able to request it directly from you through the ABR portal.

The leads you get via ABR are targeted, quality construction leads. Because the ABR file request system is an opportunity to build new relationships, you can cross-sell or up-sell to a targeted audience.

Learn more about the quality construction leads you get via ABR

3 Steps to Increase Online Exposure for
Construction Companies

Review our offer and register for free.
Ranking at Google is worth your time. You'd be surprised at what we can do together.

Tag addresses or upload your building plans.
If you need help with scanning blueprints or uploading files, contact us.

Sit back and enjoy. The ABR proprietary optimization engine will do the rest of the work.

Increase Online Exposure for Free

We learned how to get on the first page of Google so you don't have to. Good Google organic search results are proven to boost your ranking and increase online exposure for construction companies. Ranking at Google is worth your time. You might be surprised at what we can do together.

What's in it for you:

  • We receive a tremendous amount of inquiries for building plans at specific addresses; we'll share this data with you and put you in contact with the requester
  • Address tagging by ABR staff from a spreadsheet with addresses of your completed work 
  • 1,000 file uploads by ABR staff 
  • 1,000 blueprint scanning 
  • Files indexed @ Google 
  • Company Marketing Page 
  • Project Portfolio Map 
  • Backlinks to your website 
  • Company name listed with files 

Our mission is to connect those how have building plans with those who need them. We are helping construction companies just like yours increase online exposure, get new leads, build new relationships, and sell more services.

Get in touch and let's discover what we can do together. Or register today.

Architects, Engineers, Building Companies & Municipalities


  • FREE

    No credit card required

    unlimited file requests (made or received) 

    unlimited number of addresses tagged in the national GIS

  • if building plans are saved in online repository 

    $99/month for 500 building plan files

    $149/month for 1,000 building plan files

    $199/month for unlimited number of building plan files

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