Municipality Location and General Contact Information

405 Biltmore Way
Coral Gables FL 33134
Building Department information for City of Coral Gables, FL

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City of Coral Gables, FL - Building Department Information

The following Building Department information is available for City of Coral Gables, FL

Building and Related Codes and Amendments

Permit Information and Forms

Permit Review:

A Building Permit is required for most types of construction work within the City of Coral Gables. Please click this link to determine which types of projects do not require a Building Permit. If your project is not listed, a Building Permit is required. There are two types of permits:

1. For proposed work affecting the exterior of the structure such as awnings, driveways, fences, paint, signs, windows, doors, additions, new construction, etc., the City requires review and approval by the Board of Architects prior to review by the Building Division. Upon approval by the Board, the submittal is forwarded to the Building Division for code compliance review including but not limited to mechanical, electrical, plumbing, structural, zoning, fire, historical, public works, and other City Departments and outside agencies. Click Board of Architects Application for the form and application requirements.

2. For proposed interior work only, the Building Permit application is submitted directly to the Building Division for code compliance review including but not limited to mechanical, electrical, plumbing, structural, zoning, fire, historical, public works, and other City Departments and outside agencies. Click here for the Building Permit Submittal Checklist and here for the Building Permit Application.

* Please click here for the list of permits that can be submitted via email.

Permit Inspection:
Once the Building Permit is issued, a list of required inspections will be outlined on the Permit Invoice. To ensure the work is done according to the approved plans and applicable Building Codes, the appropriate Department will inspect the work. The permit holder (owner/builder or contractor) is responsible to call and request each inspection.

Upon approval of all inspections and submittal of additional required documents, such as final survey, the permit status will change to “Final” and a Certificate of Occupancy will be issued.

*To request inspections via email click this link

Applications and Forms

Building Division

Code Enforcement Division

This information is provided by the City of Coral Gables FL website

Licensing Information

To open a business, applicants must apply for and receive: 

CERTIFICATE OF USE [Application] [Flow Chart
Before signing a lease or purchasing property in the City of Coral Gables, prospective business owners should first apply for a Certificate of Use. This will ensure that the proposed use at a specific location complies with the City's zoning, parking and concurrency requirements. Certificates of Use must be renewed annually via web by clicking this link or visiting the office below.

Where to Apply or Renew: 
Concurrency Administrator, Planning and Zoning Division, Second Floor of 427 Biltmore Way. 

Office Hours: 
7:30 a.m. - 3:15 p.m., Monday - Friday, excluding holidays. 

Certificate of Use Fees: 
$114.19, checks made payable to “City of Coral Gables” 

What You Will Need to Provide on the Certificate of Use Application:

  • Name of your business
  • Brief description of the proposed business
  • Address of the property
  • Square footage of the space you will be occupying
  • Name of the prior tenant of the space
  • Contact person and phone number

For More Information:
For questions regarding Certificate of Use contact the Concurrency Administrator at 305-460-5236.

If the application does not involve a change of use or occupancy, it will be reviewed by the Concurrency Administrator. Once approved, the Development Services Department and the Fire Department will conduct fire, mechanical, electrical and plumbing inspections to check for compliance with the Florida Building Code. The application needs to pass all final inspections and requires final approval by the Building Official. The process takes an average of seven to ten working days. 

If the application involves a change of use or occupancy (from a retail to restaurant use, for example), it will be reviewed by the Development Review Committee. Composed of staff members, the Committee meets monthly to review plans for technical sufficiency and will advise you whether other city boards will be involved such as the Board of Architects (for proposed signage and exterior building change), the Planning and Zoning Board and City Commission (for a conditional use), or Board of Adjustment (for a variance). For more information about applying for review by the advisory boards, contact the City Planner at 305-460-5214. 

Local Business Tax and Building Permits will not be issued before the applicant has been issued a Certificate of Use. 

LOCAL BUSINESS TAX [Application] [Renewal
Anyone starting a new business must pay an annual local business tax from both the City and Miami-Dade County. 

Where to Apply for a City Local Business Tax:
The Finance Department, Local Business Tax Division, First Floor of City Hall, 405 Biltmore Way. 

Office Hours:
8 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday - Friday, excluding holidays. 

The fee varies by classification. Click here [Fee Schedule Ord. No. 2015-17] for a list of all Local Business Tax fees.

What You Will Need to Provide on Local Business Tax Applications:

  • Social Security Number
  • Federal employer I.D. number
  • State License/Bar number
  • Owner/Corporation Name
  • Trade Name/Doing Business As (DBA)
  • Name of corporate officers
  • Cost value of stock carried
  • Number of chairs/seats (for restaurants and movie theaters)
  • Number of employees

For More Information: 
For questions regarding local business taxes contact the Local Business Tax Clerk at 305-460-5296. 

Where to Apply for a County Local Business Tax:
Applications for Miami-Dade County Local Business Taxes  are made through the Miami-Dade County Tax Collector's Office, Local Business Tax Division, 200 NW 2nd Ave., Miami. For more information call 305-270- 4949 between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday-Friday, excluding holidays. 

Additional Information

The detailed municipality information displayed on this page is not a property of America's Building Records (ABR). This information is complied for your convenience from the municipality's official website. For the most up-to-date information please visit their official website.