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102 N Neil St
Champaign IL 61820
Building Department information for City of Champaign, IL

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City of Champaign, IL - Building Department Information

The following Building Department information is available for City of Champaign, IL

Building and Related Codes and Amendments

Last updated on 12/7/2017

Building Codes

The City of Champaign has adopted the following as its Building Code. The building code regulations are enforced by the Building Safety Division of the Champaign Fire Department. Code books may be purchased directly from International Code Council. Code and commentary books are also available for viewing at the Champaign Public Library.

Subdivision Regulations and Manual of Practice

Subdivision Regulations concern the dividing of tracts of land in the City and within 1.5 miles of the City Limits. Technical standards are published in the Manual of Practice to support the Subdivision Regulations.

Local Regulatory Districts Where Separate Permits May Be Required

Other Construction Regulatory Agencies

These federal regulations also apply to buildings constructed in the City of Champaign including, but not limited to:

2010 Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
1988 Federal Fair Housing Act (FHA)
US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Occupational Health and Safety Regulations (OHSA)

International Code Council

ICC Web Site
ICC Code Development Process


Permit Information and Forms

Permit Application Process

Building permits are processed simultaneously by three City departments in order to make the process more efficient. When a building permit application is submitted to Building Safety at the Champaign Fire Department, it is separated into its component parts and routed to whichever individual inspectors need to review a particular application. All departments welcome the chance to review particular portions of applications prior to their formal submission in order to make the permitting process proceed smoothly.

Permit Applications

Please view the appropriate checklist below to ensure plans are code compliant which will expedite the plan review and permit process.
Commercial and Multi-Family Permit Checklist
1&2 Family Residential Permit Checklist
Also see Supplemental Information for specific residential projects.

(Please download application prior to entering data).

e-Permit Applications for 1&2 Family Dwellings

e-Permits provides an option for customers to submit their permit application and plans for 1&2 family dwellings and receive their permit via e-mail. The permit applications below are fillable PDF files. The blank permit application must be downloaded to your PC, then filled out. The building plans are required to be to scale and in PDF format. Electrical, HVAC or plumbing permit applications do not require plans. Once a permit application and building plans are reviewed and approved, Building Safety will call the applicant, take a credit card number for payment, and then e-mail the building permit to the applicant.  For electrical, HVAC, and plumbing permits, please call with credit card number when submitting the permit application.
E-mail the completed application and plans as separate attachments to:  

Please view the 1&2 Family Residential Permit Checklist to ensure plans are code compliant which will expedite the plan review and permit process.
Also see Supplemental Information for specific residential projects.

(Please download permit application prior to entering data).


Licensing Information

Many licenses and permits are issued by the Finance Department.  If you have any questions about the licenses or the process, please contact the Finance Department at 217.403.8940.  For information pertaining to these licenses, please review the City Code.  For information regarding building permits contact Building Safety Division.

Access the City’s Business Portal and select Business Licenses to find and print an application form for the various City licenses.  You will need to bring your completed application form and any fee due, to the Finance Department at the City Building, 102 N. Neil St., 2nd floor, Champaign – Monday through Friday between 8am and 5pm.

The City of Champaign does NOT require a business license for a majority of business types, although there are several that do require special approvals.

You can also find information on the City’s Partner Agency Licensing (required in Champaign but administered by a separate agency) on the City’s Business Portal.  This includes information related to Taxi Cabs and Liveries (licensed by the City of Urbana).  You an also find information related to food service establishments (licensed by the Champaign-Urbana Public Health District).  The food service health permit application can be found here.

Additional Information

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