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121 N LaSalle Dr
Chicago IL 60602
Building Department information for City of Chicago, IL

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City of Chicago, IL - Building Department Information

The following Building Department information is available for City of Chicago, IL

Building and Related Codes and Amendments

Last updated on 1.6.2020

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The Department of Buildings supports the safety and quality of life for the residents and visitors of the City of Chicago through enforcement of the Chicago Building Code. The permitting and inspection process promotes high quality design standards as well as the conservation, rehabilitation and reuse of the City's existing buildings.

Chicago Building Code

Building Code Clarifications and Memorandums

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Related Information

  • Building Code Online-The Chicago Municipal Code is available online, hosted by American Legal Publishing Corporation website, which allows one to read and search online.
  • Elevator Code-Various codes listed by year.

Permit Information and Forms

View Permits issued by the Department of Buildings in the City of Chicago from 2006 to the present.

Building E-Permits

Easy Permit Process

The following are applications used as part of the Easy Permit Process:

A Certificate of Responsibility is provided when the owner is assuming the responsibility of the General Contractor.

If you are removing, razing or demolishing any building, structure or portion of a building you must first obtain a demolition (wrecking) permit.

For miscellaneous repair work such as erecting fences over 5' in height, roof patching and repairs without structural repair, changing, moving or repairing walls, floors, ceilings; or erecting a new garage or replacing an existing garage.

This is a checklist to know the requirements in order to get an Easy Permit.

All the electrical work performed on the project, in addition the signature of the Supervising Electrician is required on the attached application. Note: Application requires a notarized signature.

Application for a Permit for Elevator Installation

At least 30 days prior to the excavation work, the owner of the property for where the work is to be done shall notify the owners of adjacent properties of the anticipated starting date.

Application for a Plumbing Permit to replace, move or remove existing fixtures.

Standard Plan Review

The following is a list of Standard Plan Review applications. The one that is most commonly used is the Building Permit Application. However for more specific work, one can choose from the applications listed below:

Developer Services

The following are applications and steps in the permitting process as part of Developer Services:

Site Plan Requirements

All applications with plans submitted must include two copies of the site plan with each set of drawings. The site plan sheet should include both an existing and proposed site plan with the attached information.

Click on the Site Plan to download the document.


Licensing Information

Business Licenses

The Small Business Center (SBC) issues business licenses and regulates the business activities of industries as diverse as retail, food and liquor establishments, entertainment venues and theaters, day care centers, manufacturing facilities and motor vehicle repair shops just to name a few.

Please go to our Business Licensing: What Do I Need? page to find:

  • Instructions on how to apply for a business license online or in-person;
  • A complete list of all City of Chicago business licenses;
  • Specific business license application requirements and more.

Please click on the "Get Started Online" button below to access the Chicago Business License Application System.

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Additional Information

The detailed municipality information displayed on this page is not a property of America's Building Records (ABR). This information is complied for your convenience from the municipality's official website. For the most up-to-date information please visit their official website.

last updated on 1.6.2020