Municipality Location and General Contact Information

209 N York St
Elmhurst IL 60126
Building Department information for City of Elmhurst, IL

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City of Elmhurst, IL - Building Department Information

The following Building Department information is available for City of Elmhurst, IL

Building and Related Codes and Amendments

List of building codes adopted by city of Elmhurst
visit Elmhurst Code Enforcement -> Building Code for the most up to date codes

The City of Elmhurst hereby adopts the model codes as published by the International Code Council and by the State of Illinois, as if fully set out in this Section, with the additions, insertions, deletions and changes, if any, set forth in Section 24.05, as follows:

  1. The ICC International Building Code, 2012 edition;
  2. The ICC International Residential Code, 2012 edition;
  3. The Illinois Plumbing Code, 2014 edition;
  4. The ICC International Mechanical Code, 2012 edition;
  5. The NFPA National Electrical Code, 2014 edition;
  6. The ICC International Swimming Pool & Spa Code, 2012 edition;
  7. The ICC International Fuel Gas Code, 2012 edition;
  8. The ICC Energy Conservation Code, 2012 edition;
  9. The ICC Property Maintenance Code, 2012 edition;
  10. The ICC International Fire Code, 2012 edition;
  11. The ICC International Existing Building Code, 2012 edition;
  12. The NFPA National Fire Code, most current edition;
  13. The NFPA 101 Life Safety Code, 2012 edition; and
  14. The ICC Accessible and Usable Buildings and Facilities ICC A117.1—2009.

Elmhurst Code Amendments 2014 (07/07/2014) Rev. 02/08/2016

Licensing Information

Business License

How Do I Register?
The complete conditions and regulations regarding obtaining a Business License / Registration are outlined in Chapter 31 of the City of Elmhurst Municipal Code. First, you must obtain a Certificate of Occupancy. After the Certificate of Occupancy is submitted and approved, to apply, you must fill out a Business License / Registration Application(PDF).

For all businesses for which a license is not specifically required by the Municipal Code, there is a $25 fee to register with the City of Elmhurst. Please see the License Classifications listed or consult Chapter 31 of the City of Elmhurst Municipal Code for additional fees and regulations associated with business registration and licensing.

All persons engaged in businesses or occupations operating within the City for which a license is not specifically required by the Municipal Code, shall register with the City Clerk.

When Should I Apply?
To find out if a license is needed for your business, view License Classifications. A Business License / Registration must be obtained from the City Clerk's Office when:

  • Starting a new business
  • Relocating a business
  • Expanding a business
  • A change in ownership

More Information
If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact the City Clerk at (630) 530-3015.

Certificate of occupancy
Application for Certificate of Occupancy

Additional Information

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