Municipality Location and General Contact Information

150 Jefferson St
Joliet IL 60432
(815) 724-4000
Building Department information for City of Joliet, IL

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City of Joliet, IL - Building Department Information

The following Building Department information is available for City of Joliet, IL

Building and Related Codes and Amendments

Current City of Joliet Adopted codes

The Building & Inspectional Services Division, a part of the Community Development Department, is responsible for administering the building codes adopted by the City of Joliet. The City currently utilizes the following codes*:

  • Current Illinois State Plumbing Code With Local Amendments
  • Please refer to Joliet Sewer and Water Design Manuel for all water and sewer services
  • International Building Code (2015)
  • International Residential Code (2015)
  • International Fire Prevention Code (2015)
  • International Mechanical Code (2015)
  • International Fuel Gas Code (2015)
  • International Energy Code (2018)
  • National Electric Code (2014 Edition)
  • Consolidated Storm Water Management, Soil Erosion And Sediment Control And Floodplain Management Regulations (2003)

*As of September 10, 2018, the City will be enforcing the IBC 2015 codes listed above.

*Click here for all of City of Joliet Adopted Codes and Ordinances

If a contractor is performing the work, then the contractor must be the one to pull the permit (per Sec. 8-36 of the City of Joliet Code of Ordinances).

Applying For a Building Permit

Residential Building Permits

Contractor Registration

Building & Inspectional Services Division
Dave Mackley, Director
150 W. Jefferson Street, Joliet, IL 60432
First Floor, South Wing
Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Monday - Friday
Phone: (815) 724-4070
Fax: (815) 724-4080

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Permit Information and Forms

Building permits are issued 8:00a.m. to 4:00p.m., Monday through Friday.

If a contractor is performing the work, then the contractor must be the one to pull the permit (per Sec. 8-36of the City of Joliet Code of Ordinances).

Building Permit Applications

Please Open Permit Documents with latest version of Internet Explorer. If you are not using Internet Explorer, the Submit button may not work. Please download the form, complete, save a copy to your device, and email directly to

For additional information or if a permit is not listed, contact the Building/ Inspections Division.

The City of Joliet requires a building permit for all new construction and for any additions, modifications, or alterations to existing buildings, including alterations or changes in the mechanical or electrical equipment. The Building Services Division of the Department of Community & Economic Development is responsible for reviewing applications for building permits and for enforcement of the following codes which have been adopted (with slight modifications) by the City of Joliet.

A full description of all building and related code requirements and enforcement procedures is found in Chapter 8 of the City Code of Ordinances. In general, the steps involved in the permit application process and concluding with the Final Certificate of Occupancy, are as follows:

  • Applicant checks permitted uses and other requirements under the Zoning Ordinance with the Zoning Enforcement Officer (724-4050).
  • Applicant checks building code requirements with Building Inspector and obtains application for building permit.
  • Applicant checks requirements for street grades, driveways, drive-in permits, drainage, and storm water detention, and availability of water, sanitary sewer, and storm sewer with Public Works & Utilities Department (724-4230). If sewer is unavailable, applicant checks with Will County Health Department about requirements for installation of private sewage disposal system.
  • Applicant checks availability of electricity, gas, and telephone service with appropriate utility companies (Commonwealth Edison, Nicor Gas, Ameritech, Comcast Cable)
  • Applicant completes and files building permit application. Application must include three (3) sets of construction plans sealed by an Illinois Registered Architect and a site plan drawn to scale. (For construction of a single-family home, only one set of plans is required.) Construction plans, shall include detailed mechanical drawings, engineering calculations and diagrams.

All assessments must be paid prior to issuance of building permit. Assessments can be checked with the City Collector at 724-3970.

The application must include the following:

  1. All subcontractors must be listed on application;
  2. All contractors must have the following information on file in the Inspection Services Division:
    1. Plumbing Contractor:
      • State of Illinois Contractor Registration
      • Certificate of Insurance (Commercial Liability)
    2. HVAC Contractor
      • City of Joliet or other municipality HVAC/Business License
      • Certificate of Insurance (Commercial Liability)
    3. Electrical Contractor
      • Electrical License
      • Certificate of Insurance (Commercial Liability)
    4. Roofing Contractor
      • Illinois State Roofer's License
      • Certificate of Insurance (Commercial Liability)
  3. Estimated value should include ALL labor and material costs, (including mechanicals, infrastructure & site work.) (Exclude the cost of the land.)
  4. Plumbing, Heating, and Electrical are separate permits and must be applied for with the building permit.
  5. Applicant for any restaurant or store dealing with food or groceries must submit a letter of approval from Will County or Kendall County Health Departments.
  6. Applicant must follow the provisions of the Illinois Handicapped Code, and if applicable must:
    1. Obtain Illinois EPA permit for water and sewer connections:
      (a) Two signed IEPA Permit forms, and: (b) Five (5) sets of plans and specifications submitted.
    2. Obtain an Illinois State Highway permit.
  7. Staff makes decision on permit application as soon as possible (usually between 5-15 business days) after submission of application.
  8. Applicant begins construction no later than six (6) months from the date of issuance of building permits. Applicant must request inspections 24 hrs. in advance.

Inspections Required


  1. After footings have been dug and BEFORE they are poured.
  2. Foundation walls before they are poured (COMMERCIAL ONLY).
  3. Backfill, Drain Tile & Wall Coating (Damp Proofing)
  4. Pre-pour Slab Inspection after approval of mechanical/electric.
  5. After all framing is completed and the building is "closed in", but before drywall.
  6. Structural steel inspection after decking has been installed with all connections exposed (Commercial Only).
  7. Insulation Inspection
  8. Public Sidewalk/Entrances
  9. Patios & Decks (Post Holes)
  10. Final Inspection


  1. Any Underground Electric
  2. After complete Electric Service
  3. After complete Rough In
  4. After all Electrical work has been completed and before building is occupied.


  1. Any Underground Plumbing
  2. Sewer & Water Services
  3. Complete Plumbing Rough In
  4. After all Plumbing work has been completed and before building is occupied.


  1. Any Underground HVAC
  2. After HVAC has been Roughed In/Above Ceiling
  3. After all HVAC work has been completed and before building is occupied.

Before occupying or using building, the building MUST BE 100% complete. The applicant must obtain a Certificate of Occupancy from the Inspection Division.

Note: Prior to occupancy being granted, we will require a copy of the construction drawings on CD to be submitted to the City.

Licensing Information

The City of Joliet licenses and regulates certain businesses that operate within the corporate limits under the regulations found in the City Code of Ordinances. The Office of the City Clerk – Business Services is responsible for receiving, processing, and issuing applications, licenses, and license renewals. Applications for licenses are reviewed by various city departments prior to issuance. In some cases a business may be required to have several licenses. Licenses must be approved prior to opening for business.

All Licenses are valid for one calendar year beginning January 1st of each year until December 31st. New businesses are required to obtain a license prior to opening anytime during the calendar year. The valid license must be visibly displayed at the location. All license fees are intended to cover the administrative costs associated with processing the application, and are non-refundable. Licenses are not transferable and are required for each location.

Prior to signing any lease it is strongly suggested that you contact the Community Development Department – Planning Division at 815.724.4050 to determine if proper zoning exists on the site.

Below are the ten (10) different applications available.

If you are an alarm contractor, please contact the Joliet Police Department – Communications Center at 815.724.3305 for information.

If you are seeking a liquor license please contact the Liquor Commissioners Office at 815.724.3710.

If you are a trade’s contractor please contact the Community Development Department – Inspection Division at 815.724.4070 for information. They license the following: heating and cooling & electrical contractors.