Municipality Location and General Contact Information

255 E Wilson Ave
Lombard IL 60148
Building Department information for Village of Lombard, IL

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Village of Lombard, IL - Building Department Information

The following Building Department information is available for Village of Lombard, IL

Building and Related Codes and Amendments

2012 International Building Code
2012 International Residential Code
International Energy Conservation Code - Current
2012 International Fuel Gas Code
2012 International Mechanical Code
2012 International Property Maintenance Code
2008 National Electric Code
2012 International Plumbing Code
2009 Illinois State Plumbing Code
2012 International Fire Code
NFPA 13 – 2007 Fire Sprinkler Code
NFPA 72 – 2007 Fire Alarm Code
Illinois Accessibility Code - Current
Federal ADA Standard - Current
Elevator Code
NFPA 101 Life Safety Code
Accessibility Requirements of Fair Housing Act
Lombard Municipal Code Chapter 150: Building Code
Lombard Municipal Code Chapter 155: Zoning Ordinance
Lombard Municipal Code Chapter 154: Subdivision & Development Ordinance
Lombard Municipal Code Chapter 153: Sign Ordinance


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Permit Information and Forms

The Village of Lombard requires a building permit for all new structures. The online application is a fillable form. Please type in the project information and print the application to add your signature.

In addition, the Village also requires permits for commercial or residential alterations and renovations, such as: building additions, decks, driveways, patios, electrical alterations or improvements, fire protection equipment (alarms or sprinklers), garages, plumbing, pools, porch/patio enclosures, windows and fences. However, such items as replacing interior doors, and fixtures, (to existing size only, no structural change), and private walkways do not require a permit, but may need to meet certain standards established by the Village of Lombard. The departments listed below should be consulted prior to the start of any construction activity.

The Village has handouts available online on some popular projects that require permits.

When planning a construction project, bear in mind that the plan review process involves contact with one of more of the departments listed below. Fees are calculated at the end of the building permit review.


1) Application

A permit application is needed for all building permits and applications are available at the Village Hall. The application can be completed by the property owner, general contractor, or contractor. All relevant information must be filled in, and all contractor requirements must be on file with Village’s Building Division prior to issuance of the building permit. In addition, the application needs to be attached to the plat of survey and drawing requirements stated below.

2) Driveway/Fence Permits

  • • 3 copies of the Plat of Survey are needed to obtain a driveway or fence permit. Please indicate on the copies of the Plat of Survey where the driveway or fence is intended to go. In most cases, driveway and fence permits are issued immediately and do not need to be taken in.
3) Permits such as sheds, porches, decks, pools, & small remodels:
  • 3 copies of the Plat of Survey showing current boundary lines, existing structures, proposed structures easements, and right-of-ways.
  • 3 copies of architecturally stamped & sealed construction drawings (for all structural improvements, projects $10,000 or more estimated value.)
  • Site Plan (if applicable) with structural dimensions and location.
  • Electrical, mechanical, and plumbing diagrams when alterations or improvements are made.
4) Single Family Residence Permits
  • ** 3 copies of current Plat of Survey showing current boundary lines, existing structures, proposed structures, easements, and right-of-ways.
  • ** 3 copies of architecturally stamped & sealed construction drawings (for all structural improvements)
  • ** 4 copies of Site Plans
  • ** 3 sets electrical, mechanical, and plumbing diagrams. Architecturally stamped & sealed drawings.
  • * * 3 sets Landscape drawings (if applicable)
  • * * Six (6) copies of final engineering drawings, must be signed and sealed by Registered Professional Engineer; drawings need to show proposed drainage; grading and topographical ground contours; all proposed utilities with elevations; all proposed right-of-way improvements; must show existing drainage conditions; proposed driveway, garage, or home location; proposed foundation elevations; and show erosion control;
  • ** Topographical survey must be prepared by a Registered Land Surveyor; all existing utilities with elevations; existing public right-of-way improvements.
  • ** 1 set plans showing building elevations to verify building height.
    • Driveways should be established with a 2% minimum and 8% maximum slope;
    • Finished grading is a minimum 6” below top of foundation;
    • Location of gutters, down spouts, and sump pump discharge must be indicated; & splash to grade
    • Additions, garages, and sheds will be reviewed; engineering and/or topographical surveys may be required.
  • Storm water detention as per DuPage County's Countywide Storm Water Management Ordinance, as applicable, or as more restrictive per Chapter 151 of the Municipal Code.
  • ** Items are also applicable for non-residential properties in addition to the items listed on the next page.
5. All Other Properties
  • Storm water detention as per DuPage County's countywide Storm Water Management Ordinance, as applicable, or as more restrictive per Chapter 151 of the Municipal Code. The permit application can be completed here.
  • All plans must be prepared, signed, and sealed by a Registered Professional Engineer
  • Engineering calculations for storm water detention must be prepared, signed, and sealed by a Registered Professional Engineer
  • Clearly identify all proposed improvements;
  • Engineers estimated costs
    Reflect public right-of-way improvements and restoration;
    All improvements associated with storm water facility
  • Erosion Control
  • Letter of Credit Required for Public Improvements
Fire Prevention
Specific procedures for the installation, or modifications, of fire suppression and detection systems are required. Procedural instructions are issued from this office.

The Fire Prevention Bureau is required to witness the testing of all systems as prescribed by the adopted Codes and referenced NFPA Standards of the Village of Lombard.

Licensing Information


The Village of Lombard requires a Business License for the following businesses:

  • Coin Operated Amusement Device
  • Adult Amusement Arcades
  • Alarm Use
  • Operate Pool Tables
  • Operate Pool Hall
  • Operate a Bowling Alley
  • Operate a Motion Picture Theatre
  • Entertainment License
  • Operate Food Delivery Vehicle
  • Tobacco Dealers License
  • Operate a Filling Station
  • Operate Junk Yard/Auto Wrecker
  • Operate a Taxi Service
  • Antique Dealer
  • Operate a Massage Establishment
  • Commercial Recyclers
  • Peddler/Solicitors for 30 Days
  • Restaurant or Food Handler
  • Raffle Registration
  • Secondhand/Junk/Rummage—Store/Dealer
  • Operate a Carnival or Circus
  • Parade Permit
  • Liquor
  • Teen Age Cabaret/Juice Bar
  • Valet Services

Additional Information


  • A Certificate of Occupancy is required for all new businesses located within the Village of Lombard, all new attached or detached single-family residences, all new multi-family structures, all new commercial structures, and fire restorations, prior to occupancy;
  • An application form is available at the Village Hall, and must be completed and submitted for review by the Community Development/Building Division for zoning requirements; and to assure that if construction has occurred, all final inspections have been completed.
  • A Life Safety Inspection, conducted by a Fire Prevention Inspector is required prior to occupancy of new or existing commercial structure or space; or new multi-family occupancies.


Carpenter/Communications: *Certificate of Insurance
Electrical: Copy of current license (from a testing municipality) & *Certificate of Insurance
Elevator:Elevator Co. License, *Certificate of Insurance
Excavator/Concrete/Paving/Masonry/Fence:*Certificate of Insurance
General Contractor:*Certificate of Insurance
HVAC/Iron/Steel:*Certificate of Insurance
Plumber/Lawn Sprinkler:Copy of current license State of Illinois Dept. of Public Health Registration
Roofer:Copy of State Roofing License
Sprinkler/Alarm Contractor:
*Certificate of Insurance
Copy of State of Illinois License

*All Certificates of Insurance must provide a minimum of $300,000 single limit manufacturer’s and contractor’s liability. Please Note: If doing work in the Village’s right of way, the Village of Lombard must be listed as additional insured and certificate holder.