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1225 Cedar Ln
Northbrook IL 60062
Building Department information for Village of Northbrook, IL

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Village of Northbrook, IL - Building Department Information

The following Building Department information is available for Village of Northbrook, IL

Building and Related Codes and Amendments


The following are the adopted codes that govern activity in the Village of Northbrook:


The Village of Northbrook has adopted various 2012 editions of building codes that are currently being enforced in Northbrook. With this adoption will come a lot of changes to the existing buildling codes, which were last updated in 2007 when the Village adopted a majority of the 2006 editions.

The following is a list of applicable building codes and amendments were approved by teh Village Board on March 24, 2015 via Ordinance 2015-22. To view the staff report, exhibits and Ordinance please click here. Please contact the Development & Planning Services Department at 847/664-4050 if you have questions concerning these Codes or local amendments. If you would like to view a compiled list of these amendments, please click here.

Additional Local Amendments:

Permit Information and Forms

Click on the links below for permit submittal requirements and general information.

New Building
- Any increase in floor area of an existing building
Exterior Alteration - Please see Addition page for permit requirements Interior Alteration - Any change to the interior of an existing building
Alteration - Northbrook Court Basement or Attic Finishing
Demolition of Accessory Structure
- Any new electrical work - lights, outlets, etc.
Elevator - Any new elevator installation or upgrade to existing elevator or conveyance
- Backup power
Kiosk - Northbrook Court
Lawn Sprinkler (Irrigation)
- Any new HVAC
Parking Lot Resurfacing/Re-striping
- Any new plumbing work
Sign Permit
Site Work
- Any new engineering site work (i.e. retaining wall, swale, basin, etc.)
Tree Removal - Removal of trees on private property

To inquire about whether your project will require a permit or for questions regarding these permit types, please contact the Development and Planning Services Department at 847-664-4050.

Licensing Information

In addition to building permits and other special zoning relief, the following are the most typical licenses or permits that business would need to secure.

The Village of Northbrook requires a general business license of only specific businesses. Contact the Village Clerk to find out which businesses are required to obtain a license. Also, the State of Illinois requires certain types of businesses to obtain a license or permit to operate.
Contact: Village Clerk’s Office, 847-664-4013

Any business that wishes to go door to door, whether to a business or residence, may only do so after securing a permit for commercial solicitation.
CONTACT: Police Department, 847/564-2060

It is unlawful to park any business vehicle within a residential neighborhood for a period that is longer than necessary for the loading or unloading of such vehicle or the completion of authorized business. Also, one cannot park any business vehicle or trailer on any public street within the Village between the hours of 2:00 AM and 6:00 AM for a period longer than necessary for the loading and unloading of said vehicle, except as authorized by the Village Manager for unique and specific circumstances.
Contact: Police Department, 847/564-2060
Village Manager’s Office, 847/664-4013

In the Village of Northbrook, plumbing, electrical, concrete, and general construction work must be performed under the direct supervision of contractors licensed by the Village of Northbrook for that particular trade. Licenses are issued through the Development & Planning Services Department. An application, an application fee, and a yearly renewal fee are required for all of the above licenses.
Contact: Development & Planning Services Department, 847/664-4050

Home occupations in Northbrook are regulated to allow only those businesses or uses that are limited in extent, do not detract from the residential character of the neighborhood and are clearly subordinate to the residential use. There are limitations regarding (1) the number of employees and customers that can be on site, (2) structural changes that can be made to the home, (3) how the business operates, and (4) the type of impact it can have on the neighborhood.
Contact: Development & Planning Services Department 847/664-4050

Businesses involved in the sale of alcoholic beverages must secure a liquor license. Prior to the issuance of a license, specific requirements must be met. A checklist of village requirements specific to liquor licenses can be obtained from the Village Clerk.
Contact: Village Clerk’s Office, 847/664-4013

Mobile food service establishments (i.e. Food Trucks) must secure a business license to operate in the Village of Northbrook. The license is intended for mobile food vendors that utilize a truck, cart, or trailer to dispense pre-packaged or prepared food intended for immediate consumption. A checklist of the Village requirements specific to mobile food vendor licenses can be obtained from the Village Clerk. Please visit the Mobile Food Vendors webpage, or contact the Village Clerk's Office.
Contact: Village Clerk’s Office, 847/664-4013

An annual license is required to operate any outdoor seating area accessory to a restaurant.
Contact: Village Clerk, 847/664-4013

A permit is required for any kind of food-related business, including grocery stores, restaurants, food carts, catering, certain home-based products, and vending machines. The Village Clerk’s Office processes the permits for food carts, catering, and vending machines, while the Development & Planning Services Department processes all other food-related business permits. If you are interested in opening a new restaurant or retail food establishment in Northbrook, please download and view our Guide to Opening a New Restaurant.
Contact: Development & Planning Services Department, 847/664-4050
Village Clerk's Office, 847/664-4013

A Special Event Permit is required for all unique events for a period of time not to exceed 14 days. Anyone seeking permission to organize a Special Event shall write a letter to the Village Manager describing the event, its likely effect on traffic, safety precautions, liability provisions and, if applicable, the community benefits to be obtained from the authorization of such event.
Contact: General Government, 847/664-4019

A cigarette permit is required to sell cigarettes. The application is available online or at the Village Clerk's Office.
Contact: Village Clerk's Office, 847/664-4013

A taxicab vehicle license is required to operate a motorized passenger vehicle within the jurisdiction of Northbrook. This passenger vehicle operator is required to have a current Chauffeur license. In order to dispatch within the Northbrook boundaries, taxicab and limousines firms are required to have a dispatch license. Taxicab operators and vehicle are processed through the Northbrook Police Department. Limousine drivers are regulated by the Secretary of State.
Contact: Police Department, 847/564-2060

All motorized vehicles owned by a business having its principal place of business in Northbrook must annually apply for a vehicle license for each motorized vehicle.
Contact: Finance Department, 847/664-4171

Additional Information

The detailed municipality information displayed on this page is not a property of America's Building Records (ABR). This information is complied for your convenience from the municipality's official website. For the most up-to-date information please visit their official website.