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123 Madison St
Oak Park IL 60302
Building Department information for Village of Oak Park, IL

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Village of Oak Park, IL - Building Department Information

The following Building Department information is available for Village of Oak Park, IL

Building and Related Codes and Amendments

last updated on 1.6.2020

Oak Park regulates construction through a range of national and international codes. Effective April 1, 2015, the Oak Park Building Codes and Standards include the 2009 Edition of the following International Code Council (ICC) Codes and the 2008 Edition of the National Electrical Code as:

The Village also enforces the following codes and acts:

Many of these texts can be viewed at local libraries and on the Internet. The Village of Oak Park amendments may be purchased for a nominal fee or viewed at the Building Division in Village Hall, 123 Madison St.

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Permit Information and Forms

Permit Processing

The Permit Processing Division (formerly the Building & Property Standards Department) is responsible for ensuring that the buildings, structures and properties within Oak Park are constructed, improved and preserved with regard to safety of life and property.

Division staff enforce the Village’s Housing Code and property maintenance ordinances through several inspection and permit programs. Staff also mitigates emergency hazards, including arranging for board-ups or other temporary measures necessary to expedite abatement of nuisances and hazardous conditions. Costs incurred for emergency services typically are billed to the property owner.

ADA Compliance

Whenever a building permit is submitted, the Village checks to ensure that the proposed work complies with local, state and federal laws designed to ensure accessibility to individuals with disabilities, including the Americans With Disabilities Act. The Village also works to promote voluntary upgrades of properties to make them accessible. Many accessibility improvements are readily achievable with minimal cost. Upon request, the Chief Building Inspector will advise property owners who wish to obtain a free and voluntary assessment of their existing building, and make recommendations on ways to accomplish accessibility goals.

Anyone with a special need who would like to attend a Village-sponsored event or meeting, should contact the ADA Compliance Officer for assistance at least 48 hours prior to the event or meeting.

Certificate of Insurance

Contractors are required to have a valid certificate of insurance on file with the Village of Oak Park. Proof of insurance should be emailed to .


The Permits Processing Division regulates new construction, renovations and repairs to buildings and structures to ensure compliance with the Village’s building codes and other pertinent laws and acts through the performance of on-site construction inspections and actively seeking out work being performed without permits. The division provides building inspections on an emergency basis in response to fire, wind or other damage to buildings or structures. Additional services are related to managing and tracking third-party inspection services related to elevators and other conveyances, construction trade inspections and plan reviews. Other types of inspections include the following:

  • Residential property via the Neighborhood Walk Program
  • Vacant buildings
  • Multi-family residential buildings with four or more rental units
  • Condominium common areas
  • Commercial buildings for maintenance and fire/life-safety hazards,
  • Business licenses
  • Special events
  • Sales of multi-family residential buildings with four or more rental units
  • Property complaint resolution

Construction Permits

Construction permits are legal requirements intended to protect the health, safety and welfare of citizens. Permits are required for most property improvement projects. Any work governed by building, electrical, mechanical or plumbing codes, or the zoning ordinance requires a permit so that inspections can be made for compliance with the relevant regulations. Examples of work that requires a permit:

  • Any new structure or addition to an existing structure such as decks, garages, porches, porch roofs, fences and sheds.
  • Alterations such as furring and finishing basement or attic walls; installing new windows, cabinets and countertops, new gutters and/or downspouts; cutting of any wall or partition; landscaping involving concrete work; and any work involving the extension or alteration of the electrical, plumbing or heating or air conditioning systems.
  • Repairs such as re-roofing, replacing sidewalks and/or driveways, and rebuilding porches, guardrails or stairs

Online Building Permits

Online permitting expedites processing of simple permits for work at one- and two-family residential dwelling units. Permits for work that requires approval by an association or landlord, such as on condominiums, apartment units or other types of ownership or tenancy, may not be applied for under the online permits system.

To process an online permit you will need to provide an e-mail address to receive your permit placard and transaction receipt, a credit card for payment and a printer to print the placard. Most major credit cards are accepted. However, American Express is not accepted.

This system will process permits only for the types of work listed below. Follow the link within the categories listed below to begin the online permit process. Once you begin the process, do not use your browser's forward/back buttons.

Construction and Zoning Permit Fees

The Construction & Zoning Permit Fee Schedule is posted on the forms page of this website. Forms are listed in alphabetical order by title

Electrical Permits

Nearly any type of electrical work requires a permit from the Village. A separate permit from a general construction permit is necessary because electrical work requires specialized skills and knowledge. Electrical work done improperly can have tragic results, particularly in older, more fire-prone housing stock such as found in Oak Park.

Plan Reviews

Division staff review plans to verify proposed construction compliance with the Village’s building codes and ordinances and other pertinent laws and acts. Division staff coordinates and tracks plan review activities of multiple Village departments, including processing permit applications and archiving all submittal and inspection documents.

Plumbing Permits

Nearly any type of plumbing requires a permit from the Village. A permit separate from a general construction permit is required because plumbing requires specialized skills and knowledge. Improper plumbing work can cause significant water damage to a building. Owners of single-family homes may obtain a plumbing permit by signing an affidavit attesting to their intent to do the work themselves.

Sign Permits

Any business intending to construct, maintain, display or alter a sign must obtain a permit. Applicants are required to pay a one-time permit application fee and, thereafter, an annual fee.

Types of signs that are allowed include multiple-surface signs, awnings, canopies, marquees, freestanding signs, projecting signs and wall signs. Signs that are not allowed include signs which move or appear to move, roof signs, flashing or blinking lights, signs on the public right-of-way and signs on vacant spaces.

Temporary signs are allowed for up to 60 days as long as they are mounted and properly maintained. Permanent and temporary window signs must not occupy more than 50 percent of the window area, except in downtown Oak Park where special sign restrictions are in place. The design, size, content and structure of all signs must meet all other requirements specified in the sign ordinance. The Community Design Commission considers requests for variances from the sign ordinance.

Forms, Permits, and Applications

Listed below in alphabetical order are most forms used to conduct business with the Village of Oak Park. The forms are Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files that must be downloaded, completed and returned to the appropriate party. Some forms may be available for electronic filing - just search the site using the search bar at the top of the page.

911 Functional Needs Registry Form

Address Assignment Request

Animal License Application

Application for Employment

Applicant EEO Data Form

Automatic Water Bill Payment

Bicycle Registration

Block Party Application

Block Sale Regulations & Petition

Building Permit Application

Business Check Approval Request

Citizen Advisory Commission Application

Condo Association Approval Notice

Construction & Zoning Fee Permit Schedule

Contractor License Registration

Crime-Free Housing Rental Lease Addendum

Demolition Permit Application

Disabled Parking Space Application

Electrical Permit Application

Elevator Permit Application

Filming Permit Application

Fire System Permit Application

Freedom of Information Request Form

Green Award Nomination Form

Guest parking Pass/Meter Key Application

Historic Preservation Certificate of Appropriateness

Historic Landmark Nomination Form

Hotel/Motel Tax Return

HVAC Permit Application

July 4 Parade Registration Form

Liquor Tax Return

Model Lease Addendum

Mural Project Application Packet

Parking Permit/Vehicle Sticker Application

Plan Commission Appearance Form - Attorney

Plan Commission Appearance Form - Interested Party

Plan Review Application

Planned Development Application

Plumbing Permit Application

Real Estate Transfer Tax Form

Residential Rental License Application

Restoration Deposit Refund Form

Right-of-Way Obstruction Permit

Right-of-Way Opening Application

Sign Permit Application

Special Event Application

Tank Permit Application

Temporary Food Permit Application

Unoccupied Building Registration Form

Volunteer Application

Volunteer Application - online form

Water Bill Automatic Payment Authorization

Water Service Calculation Worksheet

Water Service Upgrade Worksheet

Licensing Information

Business Services

Oak Park offers a range of services to local merchants through the Business Services Division, the Village's liaison to the business community. The main goal of Business Services is to respond to the ongoing needs of the business community and serve as a key partner in the growth and development of Oak Park 's 12 business districts. Assistance includes the following:

  • Obtaining retail grants and/or loans for rehabilitation or startup
  • Receiving assistance from other internal departments
  • Maintaining compliance with Village of Oak Park business requirements
  • Coordinating events within the business districts
  • Locating a business within Oak Park
  • Accessing business resources and technical assistance

Business Services also is responsible for the overall communication with the business districts regarding Village initiatives and projects that impact the business community. This includes providing timely updates related to construction projects, zoning, development and other business-impacting efforts. Business Services is committed to ensuring local businesses have the resources and support needed to be successful and to contribute to a better quality of life for the community.

Business Services also administers most licenses, including business licenses, liquor licenses and taxi licenses.

Business Licenses

Businesses occupying commercial space in Oak Park, including those licensed by the state or other entities, must register with the Business Services office. Licenses must be renewed annually by December 31. Late fees and citations may apply to late payments.

Home Occupations

The Business Services office is responsible for registering home occupations and the Zoning Officer ensures compliance with code standards.

Home occupations are permitted in any dwelling unit as an accessory use within the limits of standards found in the Zoning Ordinance. Home occupations standards allow only one non-family member employee and only if off-street parking is provided for that employee. No home occupation can occupy more than 25 percent of the total heated floor area in the dwelling unit where it is located.

Some types of uses do not qualify as a home occupation due to the potential impact on a residential area. Prohibited home occupations include manufacturing, animal hospitals, barber shops and beauty salons, clinics, repair shops and restaurants.

Miscellaneous Licenses

In addition to the standard general business license, the Business Services office issues more than 70 miscellaneous types of licenses, including for chauffeurs and cab drivers. In addition, a Multiple Family Dwelling License is required of owners of multifamily properties of four or more units.

Contact Information

  • 708.358.5425

Additional Information

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