Municipality Location and General Contact Information

1200 Madison Ave
Indianapolis IN 46225
(317) 327-8700
Building Department information for City of Indianapolis, IN

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City of Indianapolis, IN - Building Department Information

The following Building Department information is available for City of Indianapolis, IN

Building and Related Codes and Amendments

Permit Information and Forms


The Permitting Services Section of the Department of Code Enforcement grants a number of development related permits and documents. Some of these may be required for the drainage, sanitary, transportation, and flood design during projects. Others may be required during the development of subdivisions, and for non-residential and residential projects within Marion County. Permit types include drainage, driveway, electrical, heating and cooling, improvement location permit, master, plumbing, right of way, sewer lateral connection, sign, structural and wrecking permits. See a listing of Class 1 (Commercial) Permits reviewed and issued by DCE here: Permits-Class 1

Click here for a list of current fees and information regarding online payment.

Effective July 1, 2014, applicants must declare which energy code compliance pathway they will follow on class 2 structural permit applications. Additional information can be found in the Indiana Residential Energy Code Guide.

Due to the special events ordinance and activities associated with Super Bowl XLVI, DCE issued structural permits and limited duration licenses for temporary tents, canopies, and membrane structures. More information can be found at: Interim Tent, Canopy, and Membrane Structure Pilot Program

Contact Info

General Information: (317) 327-8700
Licensing: (317) 327-4316
Pre-Permit Plan Review: (317) 327-PLAN
Fax-in Non-Plan Review Permits: (317) 327-5397
Permit and Compliance Records: (317) 327-4860

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Permit Forms

Building Plan Review

Dave Moses

(317) 232-6422

Effective July 1, 2014 the Indiana Building Plan Review process will have a new format. NO new information will be required to file building plans. Please review the below links for information on the new policy and procedure.


The Fire and Building Safety Division will only accept VISA Credit Cards for those applications that are filed on-line from our web site.

Amusement entertainment permits are required for events at a variety of locations and venues. Some of the most common kinds of places that require amusement entertainment permits are places where the following kinds of events occur: concerts and other shows, amusement rides, movies, dances, and bowling. It is extremely important that the owner of the property or the operator of the event applies for the amusement entertainment permit well in advance of the first planned event, so that the necessary life safety inspections of the venue can be performed to protect public safety.

Licensing Information

Indianapolis Landlord Registration Program

Owners or landlords of residential rental units within the City of Indianapolis (properties in excluded cities are exempt) are now required to register the properties with the City.

Landlord Registration Fact Sheet
Landlord Registration User Guide

Business Licenses

Business organizations and Marion County residents that wish to renew or apply for a license to operate a business in Marion County, please visit our Business Licensing page.

Contractor Listings and Licenses

Business organizations and Marion County residents that wish to engage in construction activity, and/or assure proper maintenance of existing structures, please visit our Contractor Licensing page, or visit one of the Contractor Licenses link on the left side of this page.

Limited Duration Licenses

Generally, without the designation of a special event, the activities listed below would be prohibited or severely restricted in some manner. During a special event, however, the Department of Code Enforcement has the ability to permit the following eight (8) types of activity with certain restrictions:

To view Chapter 986 of Revised Code (Special Events), please click here.

For contact information for local companies that provide services related to special event, please click here.