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100 Holliday St
Baltimore MD 21202
Building Department information for City of Baltimore, MD

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City of Baltimore, MD - Building Department Information

The following Building Department information is available for City of Baltimore, MD

Building and Related Codes and Amendments

To maintain safe and attractive neighborhoods throughout the city, Baltimore Housing's Code Enforcement Division enforces the city's housing, zoning, building and related codes. Recently the division was reorganized and restructured to increase efficiency while making it more accessible to Baltimore residents. Working together, we are a powerful team, committed to maintaining the appearance and value of Baltimore's neighborhoods.

Baltimore City Code

This BFR Codes Article (2015 Edition) comprises the following standards and codes, as supplemented, amended, or otherwise modified by the Mayor and City Council of Baltimore:

  • Maryland Building Performance Standards / January 2015
  • International Building Code / 2015
  • National Electrical Code / 2014
  • International Fuel Gas Code / 2015
  • International Mechanical Code / 2015
  • International Plumbing Code / 2015
  • International Property Maintenance Code / 2015
  • International Fire Code / 2015
  • International Energy Conservation Code / 2015
  • International Residential Code, 1- and 2- Family Dwellings / 2015
  • International Green Construction Code / 2012
  • International Swimming Pool and Spa Code / 2015

(All as initially adopted, with modifications, by Ordinance 15-547, effective December 1, 2015)

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Permit Information and Forms

Baltimore Housing's Office of Permits & Building Inspections enforces the Baltimore City Building Code, as well as state laws pertaining to construction and occupancy. This office issues building permits and provides subsequent inspections for; construction, alteration, electrical, mechanical and plumbing work in both commercial and residential structures. File your completed application in person at: The One- Stop Shop, 417 E. Fayette St., Room 100. Not sure if your project requires a permit? Call us at 443-984-1809.

Use & Occupancy permits must now be applied for online

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Get a list of permit fees and see the plans review procedure on how/where to file your permit application. You can also get an application and other resources.

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Additional Information

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