Municipality Location and General Contact Information

105 Jay St
Schenectady NY 12305
Building Department information for City of Schenectady, NY

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City of Schenectady, NY - Building Department Information

The following Building Department information is available for City of Schenectady, NY

Building and Related Codes and Amendments

The City of Schenectady has adopted the following codes:

  • International Building Code, 2010 edition
  • International Residential Code, 2010 edition
  • International Plumbing Code, 2010 edition
  • International Mechanical Code, 2010 edition
  • International Fuel Gas Code, 2010 edition
  • International Fire Code, 2010 edition
  • International Energy Conservation Code, 2010 edition
  • National Electrical Code, 2008 edition

For more information visit the City of Schenectady's Building and Code Enforcement Department

The Building Department is a source of information for every resident, property/business owner, contractor and potential investor. We are at your disposal for guidance in new construction, building repair/renovation, property maintenance, or general questions regarding the department and its obligations and duties to safety and welfare of the people of Schenectady.

We encourage you to call us with any questions you have regarding your property or place of residence. Share you issues and concerns with us and we will be able to direct you toward the prescription or resource to answer your questions.

Why Are There Codes?

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The NYS building, and local City codes exist to ensure that new construction and the maintenance of existing structures follow minimum requirements for life and safety guidelines. The development of building and property maintenance codes by the City and State, are born out of public safety first and foremost. Most persons, typically speaking, do not have the experience or knowledge of general construction practices and engineering that would result in the peace of mind that all work performed, provides a safe environment for public use and occupancy.

All Code Enforcement Officers have years, if not decades, of construction related experience, and hundreds of hours of specific training, that provides them with the knowledge needed to evaluate and inspect buildings for safe living or working conditions. Safety is the cornerstone of the job of the Code Enforcement Officer or Housing Inspector.

NYS and City codes, are minimum requirements for safe building practices and living conditions as they relate to structures. They represent the minimum threshold of construction requirements to meet State and City guidelines for the safe occupancy of a building or maintenance of a property.

Our mission is to educate and provide a knowledgeable resource of the code and how it applies to your building, construction or property condition. We are dedicated to helping you understand any deficiency your building or property may have, and provide the prescription to resolve your particular condition.

Permit Information and Forms

Building, Electrical, & Fence Permit Applications

Building Permit Application for a Contractor

Fence Building Permit Application Package for Owner Occupied and Owner doing the work

Fence Building Permit Package from a Contractor

Electrical Permit Application

Certificate of Ordinary Repair Application

Permit for Home Owner - Owner Occupied Package

Permit for Home Owner Investor Non-Occupant Package

Plumbing permit application

Other Permits

Development Applications

Building PermitsA building permit is legal permission to build or renovate a building/structure within the city, issued by the Building Department. Valid building permits are good for 12 months, at which time the permit will automatically expire and a new permit must be obtained to complete any unfinished work. An application to extend a building permit may be obtained by appealing to the Building Inspector with the circumstances for the extension and a realistic updated schedule for completion.

A building permit ensures that your repair, alteration or construction will be done and completed in compliance with NYS and City code.

Almost every alteration, repair, or construction requires a building permit. Painting a home, (with the exception of an historic district), is one of the very few exceptions to this rule. However, if the home needs repairs prior to painting, that would require a permit.

How do I Get a Permit? Building permits are obtained by filling out an application and submitting supporting documents that include, but not necessarily limited to;

  • A detailed scope of work, including materials, dimensions, structural definitions, and a cost estimate of the construction
  • A licensed electrical and plumbing contractor if applicable
  • Workers compensation insurance, or a personal waiver for self performed work
  • An architectural drawing, or sketch, dependent on the scope of work
  • Zoning Approval may be required for new construction or additions or alterations

Please call the Building Department with any questions regarding the work you are proposing and we will gladly provide you with the guidance you need.

NOTE: Performing work on a new or existing building without the proper permit(s), is subject to violations and fines including, but not limited to, Stop Work Order, Working Without Permits, and general code violations. CALL BEFORE YOU BUILD!!!

Additional Information

The detailed municipality information displayed on this page is not a property of America's Building Records (ABR). This information is complied for your convenience from the municipality's official website. For the most up-to-date information please visit their official website.