Municipality Location and General Contact Information

6000 Mason Montgomery Rd
Mason OH 45040
Building Department information for City of Mason, OH

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City of Mason, OH - Building Department Information

The following Building Department information is available for City of Mason, OH

Building and Related Codes and Amendments

Chapter 1301 Building Code:

1301.01 Adoption

1301.02 Incorporation; file and distribution copies

1301.03 Conflict between Zoning and Building Codes

1301.04 Indemnification by permit holder

1301.05 Fees

1301.06 Grading requirements

1301.07 Securing of vacant buildings

1301.08 Certification of occupancy

1301.09 Conflicts

1301.10 Appeals

1301.99 Violations and penalty

Permit Information and Forms


Zoning and building codes are created to preserve your health, safety, general welfare, and property. They are designed to help keep you, your guests, and even your future homebuyer safe and out of harm’s way. As part of the overall process to insure that the rules for building and zoning are followed as consistently and fairly as possible, building permits are a necessary step before many types of building or repair projects are started. The City of Mason Engineering & Building Department administers most building permits for work within the city. Warren County issues permits for plumbing-related items. Homeowners are required to obtain the necessary building permits before work begins. As part of the permit process, you must state what you plan to do and provide a set of plans for your project. During the permit review process, any potential issues are identified. These may save you from costly modifications later, such as having to replace a wall built with improper materials or spacing, putting a structure too close to a property line, or building a basement bedroom without a window properly sized for an emergency exit. Except for plumbing, permit applications and information sheets can be found at or by visiting the customer service center at Mason Municipal Center. All indoor plumbing in the City of Mason requires a plumbing permit through the Warren County Health Department, Plumbing Division, at 513-695-1476.

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Additional Information

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