Municipality Location and General Contact Information

12725 SW Millikan Way
Beaverton OR 97005
Building Department information for City of Beaverton, OR

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City of Beaverton, OR - Building Department Information

The following Building Department information is available for City of Beaverton, OR

Building and Related Codes and Amendments

The Building Division of the Community and Economic Development Department is responsible for issuing building, plumbing, heating / cooling, and electrical permits. This also includes reviewing plans and conducting inspections for the work allowed under these permits.

The Building Division is also responsible for enforcing the State of Oregon Building Codes. These codes are the laws that regulate how a building is to be constructed, ranging from how strong the walls must be to how much insulation must be in them. The Building Division also assigns address numbers to new and existing properties when needed.


These administrative rules are adopted under authority of City of Beaverton Ordinance 3978 and shall apply to all applications for building permits received on or after the effective date of that ordinance and as to all work performed on buildings and building service equipment subject to the codes adopted by that ordinance on and after that effective date. 

View the administration rules for the City of Beaverton's Building Division.

Building Code

Operating Plans
  • Division Operating Plan - January 1, 1997 (PDF)
    (Revised October 12, 1998)
    (Revised October 1, 2000)
    (Revised January 1, 2002)
    (Revised January 1, 2003)
    (Revised October 1, 2004)
    (Revised January 1, 2006)
    (Revised April 17, 2007)
    (Revised March 15, 2010)

    Electrical Program Operating Plan - January 1, 1997 (PDF)
    (Revised October 12, 1998)
    (Revised October 1, 2000)
    (Revised January 1, 2002)
    (Revised January 1, 2003)
    (Revised October 1, 2004)
    (Revised January 1, 2006)
    (Revised April 17, 2007)
    (Revised March 15, 2010)

Permit Information and Forms

Building Permits
  • Processing
  • Fee Refunds and Waivers
  • Permits & Fees
  • Building Permits
Fee Schedules and Miscellaneous Forms
  • Building Valuation Data Table
  • Mechanical Valuation Table 
  • Permit Fee Schedule
  • System Development Fees
  • Board of Construction Appeals Application
  • Credit Card Authorization
  • Refund Request Form
Building Permit Statistics
  • Calendar Years (2008 to current)
  • Monthly Permits Issued
Search Building Permits
  • Applied, Issued, Finaled

Fee Schedules and Miscellaneous Forms

Fee Schedules 

Board of Construction Appeals Application 

Miscellaneous Forms 

Licensing Information

Business Licenses

Section 7.01 of the City of Beaverton Municipal Code requires that anyone engaging in any business within the city limits is required to pay a business license fee unless specifically exempt by state or federal statute.

Due Date
The business license fee is based on a calendar year with a December 31st expiration date. New businesses operating in Beaverton after June 30th of the current year will pay 1/2 of the fee. Thereafter, the annual business tax shall be due in full by January 31st each year. 

The City of Beaverton honors Metro’s Construction and Landscaping Business License. Check with Metro for more information. Applications are available in English and in Spanish. The forms can be turned in here. They will be forwarded to Metro. 

There is a fee increase beginning on January 1, 2016. See Fact Sheet for more information.

You can use our online Business License Application or download the following PDF forms and mail them in with your check: 

Additional Information

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