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Are your building plans featured on Google and other major search engines? Do your construction drawings bring more business for you?

Upload your building plans on ABR’s national GIS to feature them on Google. Amplify your voice with ABR posts and your own company page.

Find out how you can market your business through ABR’s national GIS for building plans
Market your building plans on Google and other search engines

Gartner describes dark data as "information assets organizations create or collect and store but generally don’t use for other purposes.”

Dark Data in the building industry consists of construction plans and documents – an encyclopedia of buildings – that you stored for many years and don’t use at their fullest potential.

Discover how ABR’s national GIS brings dark data to light in the building industry
Dark Data in the Building Industry

Your construction documents are scattered on individual computers, network drives, mobile devices, or in boxes in a storage room.

Transfer prints from boxes and files from hard drives or network drives on the national digital platform for the building industry.

Find out how you can consolidate all your building data
Construction Data Consolidation for Building Companies

Port City Land Surveying of Wilmington, NC has 35-years worth of blueprints and drawings stored in boxes and drawers in their office.

Engage ABR's scanning, tagging, and uploading services. Port City also needed ABR to map each drawing to its address before uploading.

Transfer your paper drawings onto ABR's digital platform
Port City Land Surveying, Wilmington NC Use America's Building Records